Using Photo to Teach Writing Skill


  • Gina Larasaty Universitas Wiralodra


Writing Skill, Photograph of Traditional Food


The aim of the research is  to investigate  whether photo of traditional  food  is  really attractive and effective to increase  improving  writing skill. This study used  Pre-experimental Design as method of research. The population in the research is the seven grade students of SMP N 4 Sindang year 2013/2014. The data were gained by holding  two kinds of test, pretest and postest by using sequence photo as an information about what the students should write in free writing activities.Based on the field and the result of text, there was a positive respond from the student  when the writer  used  photo  of traditional  food  in  teaching learning  classroom process.  Based on this findings,  it is recomended  for teachers to use photo of traditional food as one of media to improve students'  writing