Improving Students' Writing Skill Through Roundtable Tecnique (An Action Research in MAN lndramayu)


  • Ida Yulianawati Universitas Wiralodra


Writing skill, Roundtable Technique


This research is an action research that was done in two cycles. In this research,  the writer collaborated with the English teacher whereas the writer actedas the teacher and the English teacher acted as the observer. The population  of this research  is MAN  lndramayu students. The main objective of this study is to describe how the implementation of roundtable technique in teaching writing  and  to  know  how  students'  writing  skill  improves  after  being  taught  by  roundtable technique.  In  doing  this  research,  the  writer  collected  the data  through observation,  test, and questionnaire. The result of this research are: First, the data collection of the questionnaire showed that students gave possitive responses to the two categories.  It indicates that the students accepted roundtable technique to motivate them in learning writing. They felt better and more interested in learning  process especially when they wanted to give the arguments towards particular  issue  or

topic. Then, the average of the writing test results showed the improvement. The average score of

the preliminary test was 65, 10, in the first cycle  it  improved   to  be 72, 10, and it  improved again

became 77,00 in the second cycle. Lastly, the observation results showed that the observer mostly

gave above average responses toward the teacher's performance inthe classroom. It means that she

was satisfied  toward the teacher'  way in applying roundtable  technique  in the classroom.  Those research findings showed that roundtable technique could improve students' writing skill.