An Analysis of Students’ Anxiety in Writing Classroom


  • Ida Yulianawati Universitas Wiralodra


writing, anxiety factors, writing performance


This study is aimed to investigate Students’ Anxiety in writing classroomat university level. Writing course has many requirements and considered as the most difficult skill in learning English. FourbasicEnglish skills such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening have become media in which anxiety can develop to influence students' psychology in achieving successful learning. In particular, anxiety takes its role in language learning in two ways, positive and negative, but unfortunately too much anxiety will tend to bring EFL students to a big problem.The factors that cause the students feel anxious in writing classroom can be seen on open-ended questionnaires that the researcher asks the students to answer. Fourth semester students were chosen as the participants of this study. The data showed thatHigh Anxiety (HA) seems to be the highest level of student anxiety followed by Moderate Anxiety (MA). Moreover, above all findings about the level of HA and MA, Low Anxiety (LA) also surfaced with several statements. Classroom management and lecturer methods in teaching writing are also important for the students to deal with writing anxiety. Being worried about a lack of self-confidence also arises because of their inadequate ability in English language proficiency like the term grammar.

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