• Atikah Wati Universitas Wiralodra
  • Dewi Ayu Sekar Sari Universitas Wiralodra
Keywords: Discourse analysis, Speaking performance, Verbal feedback


Giving feedback is very important to increase students’ ability in speaking performance. Therefore, Black & William (1998) stated that teachers still have less reflective action to their ways of assessment. Mostly, teachers only give another homework or assignment, or only giving applause to the students to reflect their performance and go to the next activity without giving any feedback. Classroom discourse analysis modeled by Sinclair and Coulthard (1975)level of exchangewas used to analysed the data that taken by observation and interview with the use of audio-recording in two teachers of senior high school 2 Indramayu. The findings showed that teacher A mostly used evaluative feedback. Teacher A mentioned evaluative feedback 8 times, , correctivefeedback 4 times, and descripivefeedback 4 times.While, teacher B usede valuative feedback 15 times, correctivefeedback 6 times, and descriptive feedback 19 times, which is the highest number of the other feedback types .The teachers gave various ways of giving feedback. It was all purposed to give the students correctio nformation so they are able to correct and improve their ability in learning English. Teacher said  that the reason of using verbal feedback was easier to be understood for either teacher and students, and teacher B' said  it is an effectiveway of giving feedback.